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A different world, World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a great game with a successful history and is continually surprising me and I guess everyone that is playing the game is very happy with each update and important changes. Every person that will play this game for the first time will be extremely amazed at the beginning by the virtual world that the developers created there. In World of Warcraft you will not find to places that are the same, every tree is having something different and it is great when you find new opportunities, new places, because it’s something new in every spot.

It can be said that in World of Warcraft you can really lose yourself and if you are not cautious, you can lose the path you must follow. The game is incredibly big and you can observe that when you download and install it, because you need 31 GB of free space and it’s growing with every update.

This is not a problem, because all of the new computers have at least 500 GB of space, but you need to make a big investment in a new gaming laptop or PC in order to enjoy at maximum the graphic details of the game - see here important details.

There are many people which don’t understand gamers, especially the ones that play World of Warcraft, and they can’t comprehend what is so great about that game and that you just move a person with the mouse, but this is not true at all, because when you play the game you are someone different or better said, something different and you can do everything that you want there and you can travel to a new and totally different world.

You can chat with other players, you can make friends very easy and build amazing guilds that can beat all the hard bosses.

It’s easy to judge someone, but for some people gaming is a hobby and can be more, because there are lots of players that make real money and consider it a proper job.

Post by sheylajones (2016-05-18 12:52)

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